Nehyru Fabré

Nehyru Fabré is an American born Artist, currently residing in France and holds a B.A. in Sociology.

Nehyru grew up between the Bronx and Manhattan, where his beloved Mother, the late Paula Fabré (Feb. 06, 1936 - Dec. 25, 2017), exposed his curious mind early to the cultural and visual arts. Paula, along with young Nehyru, frequented libraries, Broadway theater shows, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, ballet shows, as well as the Studio Museum of Harlem, the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Natural History, to name a few.

Before Nehyru ever picked up a professional camera, his love for the craft was inherited from his beloved Grandfather, Paul Fabré (1897 - 1992) who had the success of two photography studios in Brooklyn, New York during the 1940’s through the 1960’s.

A few decades later, as a teenager, Nehyru's visual sensibilities would become enhanced by his massive collection of Hip Hop and Jazz records, along with boxes of National Geographic and Sports Illustrated magazines. “ I became totally captivated by the raw, colorful and creative imagery of Hip Hop record covers especially during Hip Hop's "Golden Age" and Jazz record covers from the 1940’s through the 1970’s, in particular, The Blue Note album covers. My collection of National Geographic magazines, trained my curious eyes to start envisioning all the ways a photographer could view nature through a lens to create a multitude of mesmerizing images and also these magazines provided me with all the artistic possibilities that traveling this beautiful world could offer”. “ My Sports Illustrated magazines made me appreciate the power photography has in freezing emotions and movement(s) in time, in a thousandths of a second”.

His photography guru’s are many, but to name a few: Roy DeCarava, Hugh Bell, Gordon Parks, James Van Der Zee, Kamoinge Workshop, Alex Harsley, P.H. Polk, Addison Scurlock, Moneta Sleet, Andre Serrano, Jamel Shabazz, Barron Claiborne, Mark Sink, Weegee…….

Nehyru is a self-taught photographer, who shoots between 35mm and the digital medium and employs a multitude of cameras to achieve his artistic vision(s). Among his varied photo interests, his subjects range from his obsession with floral studies, love of Hip Hop culture, portraiture, documentary, aspects of urban living and sojourns, to cemeteries and the female nude form.

Not only with creating images but also with traveling, Nehyru has traveled and photographed in Rome, the U.K., Venice, Montreal, Amsterdam and various locations throughout France and the United States.

Nehyru continues creating several photographic series throughout the U.S. and France and welcomes more opportunities to exhibit worldwide.




I want my images

           To clutch you, jostle you, embrace you.

I want my images

         To seduce you, love you, woo you.

 I want my images

   To arrest you, stymie you.

  I want my images

     To inspire you, educate you.

I want my images

  To pause you, disturb you.

 I want my images

           To put a spell on you, haunt you.

I want my images

               To whisper to you, to holler at you.

               Above all, I want my images

            To pay homage to vision.

                                                                              -Nehyru Fabré


B.A. in Sociology, City College of New York, 1995

Solo Exhibitions


"Walk With Me", Léspas Culturel Leconte de Lisle, St. Paul, Réunion, France (April 1st - May 18th)


"Reminiscing New York", Les 3 Petits Cochons, St. Pierre, Réunion, France (Nov. 10th - Dec. 20th)


"Mixed Styles", La Kazba, St. Pierre, Réunion, France (August 24th - Sept. 24th)


“New York, New York”, Art Services Transport, Paris, France (May 11th-July 6th)


“Impressions of France”, Best Western Hotel, Orléans, France (December 1st- April 27th)

"The Streets of New York”, Notary’s Bureau, Orléans, France (April 7th – September 29th)


“Paris Dreaming”, The New York Public Library, N.Y.C. (March 4th –December 16th)

Paris, A Beautiful Gesture, A Delicious Life, A Monumental Death, Morris Jumel Mansion, N.Y.C. (June 3rd– August 26)

Group Exhibitions


“Kom Zot”,  Cité des Arts, St. Denis, Réunion, France (May 27th-June 9th)


"Meeting With 7 Artists" , Atelier 7, St. Pierre, Réunion, France, (December 7th, 2019 - January 7th)

"9th Annual Botanicals Art Exhibition", Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (August 1st - 31st)


Photoville”, curated by international acclaimed photographer, Jamel Shabazz, Brooklyn, N.Y.C. (October 12 – 22)

Bronx X Bronx, The Bronx Documentary Center, Bronx, N.Y.C.(September 5th- October 14th).

Arts To End Violence, Ron Taylor’s Gallery, Brooklyn,N.Y.C. (May 22nd - June 30th)


“PHOTOcentric 2013” , Garrison Art Center, Garrison N.Y.(September 7th – October 6th)


“Annual Contemporary Artist in America”, Great Neck, N.Y.(February 2nd – March 1st)


“Annual Contemporary Artist in America”, Great Neck, N.Y.(February 3rd – March 2nd)


Special Recognition Award, 9th Annual "Botanicals" Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery 2019

Silver medal in book proposal for Documentary, PX3 Prix De La Photographie, 2014

2nd place prize for architectural image, Garrison Art Center, 2013


Tribune Hebdo , Orléans, France, 2017

“PHOTOcentric 2013”, Garrison, N.Y., 2013

Private Collections

St. Felix de Lauragais, France

Reunion Island, France

Paris, France

Orleans, France

Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France

London, UK

Manhattan, New York

Long Island, New York

Bronx, New York


Tel: 06 92 28 86 40 (France)      

     +1(929)664.2533 (N.Y.C.)

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